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About us

About the Campaign

There is a stigma surrounding discussions about suicide. This is unfortunate because talking about it can be incredibly relieving. It can also foster recognition among people who have experienced similar feelings.

That’s why MEIJT and I have joined forces. With the distribution of colorful pins in various pride colors, we aim to break the taboo around talking about suicide in the LGBTQ+ community. These pins are not only a symbol of solidarity with the community but also an invitation to have open conversations about suicide.

Suicidality among LGBTQ+ individuals

With our campaign, we are focusing on individuals from the rainbow community. Worrying statistics have shown that this group is particularly vulnerable to suicide. We hope that our campaign helps to bring people from our community closer together and create a supportive network where everyone feels safe and understood to talk about their struggles.

What once started as a joke has now grown into an influential social platform for LGBTQ+ individuals. In addition to funny quotes, risqué content, and extravagant parties, MEIJT. is also committed to addressing social issues within the LGBTQ+ community.


This is me. One and a half years ago, MEIJT. approached me with the request to design a new campaign around the topic of suicide prevention. Soon, I returned to them with a plan for a campaign where colorful pins play the leading role.

Like the employees of MEIJT., I volunteer for this campaign. I do this partly because I believe suicide prevention is an important topic and I want to strengthen the rainbow community in this way. Additionally, I want to show that people with brain injuries can make a significant impact.